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Investment Portolio for diversification


Maximize returns with diversification by creating a portfolio of investments.

Seraf Investor 

Chris Mirabile created Seraf Investor for helping keep track of Angel Investments.

Simplify portfolio performance and personal finance. Seraf Investor was built by Co-Founders Ham Lord & Christopher Mirabile Co-Managing Directors of Launchpad Venture Group. Christopher is the Chair of the Angel Capital Assocation. This makes the pair incredibly well suited to tackle the problem angel investors, and early stage investment managers face with managing their portfolio. As an angel investors portfolio grows so do investor reports, follow-ons, note conversions, warrants, and tax deadlines. Many view diversification into a large number of companies as key to success, so as one quickly outgrows basic tools like spreadsheets and email folders Seraf is the place to turn. The solution is still fairly new so pricing is reasonable starting at $10 a month.

Investors can select and track top equity offerings across top equity funding platforms in one place.

Monitor your investments, centralized and hassle free


Starting at $10 per month








We can help match you to Registered Investment Adivsors (RIA)s who specialize in Venture and Startup.

It is possible to direct Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) or Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP) into Startups. Get help investing retirement into private equity, or newly formed companies.

Robo Advisors

We also work with Robo Advisors like BlackRock's Future Advisor.



Contact us for help finding Advisors