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A Term Sheet is a nonbinding document, drafted by the investor (usually along with a legal team), that outlines the terms and conditions of an investment offering. If the investor decides to proceed with the opportunity, the Term Sheet will be used as a template to outline the legal standing of the new shareholder in the company. Although Term Sheets are important documents, they are often overlooked by CEOs. Therefore, it is essential to understand and evaluate Term Sheets in order to avoid potential disasters that could shake the foundation of a company.

For further information (the what, why, and who) about Term Sheets - check out the following resources:

What is a Term Sheet 

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The Crowdfunding industry is looking to simplify the Term Sheet process with many Crowdfunding platforms, angel groups, and VCs creating their own standardized template:


Why are Term Sheets important


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Raising Funds

Once you have the legal framework of your venture's fund raising round set up we have resources for help listing on a platform as well as further promoteing or marekting your offering.