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Invest or Create Funds

Investing in startup focused funds ideally lowers risk due to diversification. Learn more >

Costs of building startup funds or syndicates are being driven down. Learn more >


Invest in Startup Companies

Investing in individual companies through funding platforms like the ones we cover provides direct access to investing in firms equity and debt.

We offer a search solution to find startup investments across each platform.

We keep track of the costs of using each platform.

There is a limit of 99 accredited investors that can take part in a single equity offering. Qualified purchasers are not confined by this limit. Syndicates are helping to address this 99-investor limit problem by pooling investments from accredited investors. This creates one fund that pools investor commitments. There is only one entry on your capitalization table. These syndicates typically come with a cost. This cost is through carried interest.


Research ReportsFund Wisdom Research Report

We offer a range of research reports to help with the selection process.


Trading and Cashing Out

There are several places one can go to sell or trade their shares. This is harder to do thatn public markets, but it is possible. Some platforms will determine events that will sell shares for you.

Investings as a Non-U.S. Citizen

It is possible to invest from other countries unless the country you live in legally prevents you from investing.

How much am I allowed to invest?

An Accredited Investor has no limits.


Qualified purchasers 

  1. Individuals with over $5 million in net assets and 
  2. Trusts or companies with over $25 million in net assets. 

Qualified purchasers invest in a different fund from the other accredited investors and do not have a limit to the number that get involved in the deal.

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