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Access the most extensive set of investment opportunities in businesses and funds listing their equity online. Our focus is currently on private equity placements through online funding portals which typically are young startup companies or funds. Many companies are startups raising venture capital financing at seed series A, B, C, or D stage.

Access investments from some of the top Equity Crowdfunding Platforms to invest. We make it fast and easy saving you time and money.

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Graph of Venture Finance Stages

We offer startups and funds focused on seed stage offerings. The seed stage is typically the first round of external venture financing for a business. We are starting to see later stage conpanies beginning to use the internet to further promote their offerings and we expect this trend to continue. We also work directly with Entrepreneurs to gather details directly from the listing firm. Most of what we cover are generally solicited 506c public offerings. We also have in depth data on founders executive management teams.

Seed,  Series A, Series B, Series C, Mergers, Initial Public Offering (IPO)





Global Investments

We focus on platforms based in the United States of America, USA and Israel. The companies available to invest in though cover the world. We are seeing growth in offerings from every stretch of the globe. We wrote this Global Crowdfunding Article recently explaining investing across borders.

Here is an article that describes in more detail some of our collection methods and some of the issues faced in summarizing the industry.


Private Company Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

We cover deatils on acquired private companies which covers data needed for conducting valuations, or determining selling prices.


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