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We aggregate investments offered on venture funding portals. Most of the companies and funds offering access to their debt and equity are financing at earlier stages like seed and series A. We gather the offerings from the public listings and the SEC as the platforms have reduced public access over time and share some of the stats and insights. Reach out to add or update a listing.

Raised on Platform Total Invested Platforms Listed On Listing Created Date Listed (SEC) Sort ascending
Rhymella, Inc 2019-04-08
Vizrom Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Dig Dates, Inc. NetCapital 2019-04-08
Platform at 930, LLC 2019-04-08
Paygevity Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Supper LLC Honeycomb 2019-04-08
Seven Stills, Inc Wefunder 2019-04-08
Divinia Water, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Circle Medical Technologies, Inc. Wefunder 2019-04-08
Hit Reset LLC 2019-04-08
Cookie Club of America Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
Hohm Inc. SeedInvest 2019-04-08
Bargeboard & Beams, LLC 2019-04-08
Fensens, Inc. MicroVentures 2019-04-08
Physio LLC MicroVentures 2019-04-08
10XTS INC 2019-04-08
Trella Technologies LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
SALEM SPICE, INC. MainVest 2019-04-08
Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds, Inc. Wefunder 2019-04-08
Coursapp, Inc. MicroVentures 2019-04-08
SECRETDAYS CO. 2019-04-08
Outpost Trading Co MicroVentures 2019-04-08
GuruMD Virtual Med, Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
Solutions Vending International, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Petit Vour, LLC Wefunder 2019-04-08
Take Me to Tarzana LLC Wefunder 2019-04-08
CentriCrude Services, Inc. 2019-04-08
Swoon City Music LLC NetCapital 2019-04-08
Flower Turbines LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
Good Chroma LLC Honeycomb 2019-04-08
MoneyVoice, PBC Wefunder 2019-04-08
Thumb Butte Distillery, Inc. MicroVentures 2019-04-08
Vinder, Inc. Wefunder 2019-04-08
Mailtag Company, LLC Republic 2019-04-08
Ohana School of Performing Arts 2019-04-08
ArtMap, Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
Movatic, Inc. NetCapital 2019-04-08
Mosaic Distributors, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
My Beer Buddy Inc. 2019-04-08
Power2Peer, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Vantem Global, LLC NetCapital 2019-04-08
BumBee Designs Incorporated NetCapital 2019-04-08
Mitte Corp. Republic 2019-04-08
Screw City LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
BX SPACES LLC 2019-04-08
Shaping Games Inc. Republic 2019-04-08
Wooter Holding Corp SeedInvest 2019-04-08
Monetran, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
BluCollr, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08