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We aggregate investments offered on venture funding portals. Most of the companies and funds offering access to their debt and equity are financing at earlier stages like seed and series A. We gather the offerings from the public listings and the SEC as the platforms have reduced public access over time and share some of the stats and insights. Reach out to add or update a listing.

Raised on Platform Total Invested Platforms Listed On Listing Created Date Listed (SEC) Sort ascending
Eden GeoPower, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Domestic Brands Inc NetCapital 2019-04-08
ROWViGOR, LLC MicroVentures 2019-04-08
Spotlight: Girls CrowdfundMainstreet 2019-04-08
Waffle Bus Heights, LLC NextSeed 2019-04-08
Cary Rx Inc Wefunder 2019-04-08
Advanced Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. NetCapital 2019-04-08
Chores R Us LLC 2019-04-08
FanCompete LLC 2019-04-08
Bucket Technologies, Inc. 2019-04-08
ECXTECH INC. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Medford Brewing Company Wefunder 2019-04-08
Blackcommerce LLC Buy the Block 2019-04-08
Ohos, Inc. Wefunder 2019-04-08
Commongrounds Cooperative 2019-04-08
Wise Power Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
Asgard Brewing Wefunder 2019-04-08
KS Fitness LLC Honeycomb 2019-04-08
Revry, Inc. SeedInvest 2019-04-08
World Cycling League StartEngine 2019-04-08
THATS EATERTAINMENT CORP. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Geek Girl Tech, PBC CrowdfundMainstreet 2019-04-08
Halo Energy LLC SeedInvest 2019-04-08
Court Innovations Inc 2019-04-08
Mercurius Biorefining, Inc NetCapital 2019-04-08
Cheaters III Ltd. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Jet Token Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
POPOVER KING LLC MainVest 2019-04-08
Charron Favreau LLC Wefunder 2019-04-08
Subba Media Inc NetCapital 2019-04-08
Homefree, LLC Wefunder 2019-04-08
Saberation Inc. MrCrowd 2019-04-08
Cheaters III, Ltd. StartEngine 2019-04-08
NetObjex, Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
Icarus Blockchain Group Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Xcraft Enterprises, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
Worldcast Live Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
Gravity Power, LLC NetCapital 2019-04-08
ITERUM FOODS LLC MainVest 2019-04-08
Persona Network, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Subziwalla LLC SeedInvest 2019-04-08
Unionmade 2019-04-08
Organic Living Inc. MrCrowd 2019-04-08
First 2 View, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Rapunzl Investments, LLC NetCapital 2019-04-08
Locking Line Barriers Corp StartEngine 2019-04-08
automed Inc. SeedInvest 2019-04-08
CrediBILL, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
County Route Catering, Inc. Honeycomb 2019-04-08