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We aggregate investments offered on venture funding portals. Most of the companies and funds offering access to their debt and equity are financing at earlier stages like seed and series A. We gather the offerings from the public listings and the SEC as the platforms have reduced public access over time and share some of the stats and insights. Reach out to add or update a listing.

Raised on Platform Total Invested Platforms Listed On Listing Created Date Listed (SEC) Sort ascending
Olive's BFF LLC 2019-04-08
Briarwood Entertainment Group, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
shiftMobility Inc. 2019-04-08
Valorous Media, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Avila's Restaurant Number 2, LLC NextSeed 2019-04-08
Sober Network Inc. 2019-04-08
Valorous Media, Inc 2019-04-08
Wrap LLC Wefunder 2019-04-08
Cookie Club of America, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Exclusive Foods, Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
UBIF Tech Solutions, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
VisuWall Technologies Inc. (f/k/a VisuWall Technologies, LLC) Republic 2019-04-08
CARROT pass, LLC NetCapital 2019-04-08
MPW Associates, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
Market Analyst, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
OH SO POLISH, INC Buy the Block 2019-04-08
Social5, LLC MrCrowd 2019-04-08
Deshyo LLC NetCapital 2019-04-08
Woodpecker Technologies, LLC NetCapital 2019-04-08
Fair Isle Brewing LLC NextSeed 2019-04-08
MORE GOLD INVESTORS, LLC Buy the Block 2019-04-08
Karr Group of Companies, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
Cyndescope, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
ZENVST INC. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Cryptid LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
The One Experience LLC Wefunder 2019-04-08
Visuwall Technologies Inc. Republic 2019-04-08
EPEC Holdings, Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
Medcognition, Inc. 2019-04-08
Element Farms, Inc. Wefunder 2019-04-08
Bum Butt Corporation 2019-04-08
Metasepia, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Orion Span, Inc. SeedInvest 2019-04-08
Strat Brands Group Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
English for a Song, Inc. 2019-04-08
Evolution Spirit Brands LLC Wefunder 2019-04-08
Cyrus The Great Production Company, Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
Of The North Beverage International Inc 2019-04-08
Remember When Ice Cream Inc Honeycomb 2019-04-08
Fuller Real Estate Solutions LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
The Waffle Bus Heights LLC NextSeed 2019-04-08
Michael Ray Galleries 2019-04-08
Hemster, Inc. Republic 2019-04-08
earthdog, GP 2019-04-08
Rhino Hide LLC. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Curtiss Motorcycle Company, Inc. Wefunder 2019-04-08
Palouse Ag-Drone Services LLC 2019-04-08
South Side Shares, LLC 2019-04-08
BnB Chat Inc Wefunder 2019-04-08
Greg Miller Project, LLC 2019-04-08