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AngelList Syndicate Data Visualization Reporting Analytics and Insight

Below you will find data visualizations on Angelist syndicates, or venture funds that the Angelist platform helps individuals create. AngelList syndicates allow investors (leads) the ability to invite other accredited investors (backers) to share in their deals. Leads source investment and make some percentage of the profits that their investment creates through fees called carried interest seen below.  Contact us for help.

We offer additional analytics providers as well as beta access to analytics across multiple platforms.


Fund Size

Ability to raise - # Backing & Amount of $


What it costs - Carried Interest Distribution

Most Active

Rank by # of Deals

Most Active $

Top Annual Commitments

Second Tier Active Managers

Below $1MM Annual Commitments

Investor Location

Minimum Investment Required

Average Investment

Investor Role

University Investors Attended

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Investors - Add start ups to your portfolio

Thanks to Alex Salkever of for these data visualizations on the breakdown of AngelList data and Kimono for the structured data.

Cost Savings

The overall trend is that these platforms and technologies being built by Angelist and similar firms are lowering investor costs. One Syndicate has lowered its fee to as low as 5% carried interest, P. Relan Youweb Incubator.

Launching an AngelList Syndicate

Syndicates make the process of launching a fund much easier improving economic fundamentals of indirect venture investing through structured securities. Typically a large weight is placed a fund manager's past performance and investment thesis, but with AngelList Syndicates we are seeing a larger emphasis placed on social connectivity. Tim Ferris is a great example of this. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results, but it does help prove your credibility. A good investment thesis describes how you will source deals and how you will make decisions on which to investments to make, in a way that is compelling to your prospective limited partner or backer. We provide several resources for starting angel investing and building funds in order to get limited partners or backers to put their money in with you.

The work involved is in sourcing deals, doing diligence, supporting investments, and marketing to potential limited partners or backers. It is not necessary to be a full-time Venture Capitalist, but it requires asking people to entrust their money with a lead in an illiquid asset for a period of several years. 

Setting up your Syndicate

AngelList makes setting up a syndicate very easy. Go to your profile and open the Syndicate tab. You'll need to fill in some basic information for your backers, which they will use to decide whether they want to back you. Use the field labeled note to backers to quickly describe your thesis. Once the Syndicate is set up establish connections and co-investors. Go to AngelList Syndicates.

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