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Invest in High Growth Startup Companies

In many countries there are laws and restrictions, based upon wealth requirements, to invest in early stage high growth companies. We believe in open access. In the USA qualifying as an accredited investor requires a net worth of $1 million excluding a primary residence, or $200,000 annual income if single, $300,000 if married, for the past 2 years. If you hit one of the thresholds you would qualify according to the SEC. Historically that was the only way to invest in these offerings without a 1st connection to the founders, but that has recently changed with several regulations like the JOBS Act Title III. The innovative Equity Crowdfunding sites or platforms below bring everyone access.

Equity Crowdfunding.

Aggregated Equity Crowdfunding Offerings on Portals

We aggregate investments offered on online funding portals that focus on startup companies or funds. Most of the companies offering access to their debt and equity are financing at earlier stages like seed and series A. We gather the offerings from the public listings and SEC data. We are happy to add to our database, just let us know.

Platforms Listed On Offering Amount Date Listed Sort ascending
Salsa God LLC Republic $25,000
Boku International Inc StartEngine $10,000
GiveXist, Inc. MicroVentures $25,000
Sama Sama LLC NextSeed $107,000
FANview Sports Inc. NetCapital $10,000
BluCollr, LLC StartEngine $10,000
Iron Born Pizza, LLC Honeycomb $50,000
FoldiMate, Inc. SeedInvest $25,000
Social Chains, Inc $100,000
CVBM Interests LLC MicroVentures $25,000
Monetran, LLC StartEngine $10,000
Airspace Experience Technologies, Inc. SeedInvest $25,000
Weeds Never Sleep LLC TruCrowd $10,000
Armored Citizen, LLC. MrCrowd $50,000
CHAI CURIOUS LLC MainVest $45,000
Bakery on the Square Honeycomb $10,000
Globocoin 1, LLC $10,000
Gyomo, Inc. StartEngine $10,000