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Alternative Investing Solutions

Equity & Crypto Funding Portals


Reduce Fees

Improved access to high growth Investment at lower costs through innovative portals.

Better Decisions

Real time data and analytics solutions to improve investment process to outperform.

Improve Knowledge

Independent analysis via equity research and reports.

Early Stage Startup & Crypto

Innovative Seed Investments

Equity Investing Portals

Improving access and insight to direct investments, funds, and cryptocurrency to produce higher returns and lower fees.

Portfolio Management

Save time & money while staying compliant. Escape spreadsheets and paperwork.


Top ranked venture, angel, and crypto fund managers noted for leveraging innovative technology solutions. We cover reviews, research, and analysis on the performance of these individuals and their funds.



Why Fund Wisdom


How the most exciting new companies raise funding and access to invest is changing fast. We cover innovative and disruptive technologies delivering the next generation of solutions to curious investors and fund managers. Learn about the alternative investing market, where it is today, where it’s going tomorrow, and how to win. We are committed to producing independent research, analysis, and insights on these new wealth generating opportunities and sharing insights to invest with a value based, long term approach.


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Real Time Analysis

Market Insights Platforms

improve your investment decisions leveraging artificial intelligence, data visualization, machine learning, financial modeling, and predictive analytics. Understand trends, sector and geographic performance across, early stage, startup business investment offerings.


Articles, Reports, Education, & Information on the world of emerging financial technology. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest independent analysis of financial platforms and solutions.
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Alternative Investments

An alternative investment is an asset that is not conventional, as opposed to stocks and bonds. Most investing in these alternatives is highly regulated and limited to wealthy individuals. One must be accredited, a high-net-worth individual, or working as a fund manager at a financial institution because of the complex nature and regulations. Typically investors in these alternatives have been individual angel investors, fund managers of venture capital, private equity, and select hedge funds. Alternative Investments historically have been used for diversification and hedging by endowments, hedge funds, venture and private equity funds. Alternative Investment typically have different costs or fee structures as well as tax considerations. New forms of access to risk, and therefore returns, are arising through new regulations and the growth platforms providing access to equity and initial coin offerings. In other words, they're newer, more of an adventure and ripe for someone with their eye fixed on tomorrow, like yourself.

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