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Vision & Mission

We believe opportunities to invest in startup companies and private markets should be open to all. Our mission is to provide market insight to realize higher returns, lower fees, and reduce risk.

We cover alternative investments, while focusing on startup investing portals and the transformational technologies that have arisen with them. The asset classes we specialize in are equities for private, early stage, companies and cryptocurrency from secure token offerings.

We are not investment advisors, brokers, or a bank. We believe every investor deserves equal opportunity, access to performance data.


We're a lean team of technology and financial professionals involved with digital transformation in the financial services industry. We are passionate about innovation in the alternative investing market with a focus on equity, blockchain, and initial coin offerings following regulatory compliance with security token offerings. Contact us with any questions, we appreciate hearing from our readers.


If you like what you see and want to be more involved we offer a few ways to get involved and join the community.

Boston Co-working Locations District Hall
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Fund Wisdom headquarters is located in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. We can be found in co-working spaces throughout the downtown Boston and Cambridge, MA area, and attending events.

Not Investment Advice

We do not provide legal, tax, accounting, or investment advice. We suggest a qualified professional be consulted before making financial decisions, as each person has unique needs that should be addressed. More on our Terms of Service.

The Open Office and Co-Working

At Fund Wisdom, we believe that teamwork flourishes in collaborative frameworks. The co-working spaces we work in have no cubicles and no closed doors. All of team from founders to interns share the same space. Find out more about our working spaces and locations.

Alternative Investments

An alternative investment is an asset that is not conventional, as opposed to stocks and bonds. Within alternatives private equity and venture capital (VC) has evolved into one of the most significant asset classes due to high returns. Startup companies, created at fraction of the time as previous businesses, are achieving billion dollar valuations, netting investors previously unheard of multiples and performance far outpacing traditional assets.

Most investing in these alternatives is highly regulated and historically was limited to wealthy individuals. In the past it was necessary to be fit the SEC's definition of wealthy enough via an accreditation process. These regulations are changing. Typically investors in these alternatives have been individual angel investors, fund managers of venture capital, private equity, and select hedge funds. Alternative Investments historically have been used for diversification and hedging. Alternative Investments typically have different costs or fee structures as well as tax considerations.

New forms of access to risk, and therefore returns, are arising through new regulations and the growth platforms providing access to equity and initial coin offerings. In other words, they're newer, more of an adventure and ripe for someone with their eye fixed on tomorrow, like yourself.

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