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We're technology and financial professionals writing about digital transformation in the financial services industry. We are passionate about innovative solutions to equity investing, financial engineering, and marketing financial services. We look to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients resulting in reduction of fees and increased returns. We seek to enhance our readers investment decisions and build a community. You can reach us here.


FundWisdom headquarters is located in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. We can be found in co-working spaces throughout the downtown Boston and Cambridge, MA area, and attending local events.

Boston Co-working Locations District Hall
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Investing Portals & Cryptocurrency

Investing in fast-growing startup companies with huge potential returns is getting easier as investing portals are built. These portals provide access to equity and debt to increase net worth and grow retirement assets. Access to these types of investments is opening up, providing for great opportunity through changing regulation.


Market Intelligence

We are proud to connect our readers with services to meet the rising data, risk management, and security challenges in the capital markets sector. Whether you are an accredited investor, unaccredited investor or a qualified purchaser:

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We'll tell you about fund managers that inspire us, whether that be venture capital, hedge funds, or individuals leveraging innovative technology. We cover reviews, research, and analysis on the performance of these individuals and their funds.

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Alternative Investments

An alternative investment is an asset that is not conventional, such as stocks and bonds. Most investing in these alternatives like venture is highly regulated and limited to wealthy individuals. One must be accredited, a high-net-worth individual, or working as a fund manager at a financial institution because of the complex nature and regulations.

Typically investors in these alternatives were angel, venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds. Alternative Investments historically have been used for diversification and hedging by endowments, hedge funds, venture and private equity funds. Alternative Investment typically have different costs or fee structures as well as tax considerations.

New forms of access to risk, and therefore returns, are arising through new regulations and the growth platforms providing access to equity and initial coin offerings.  In other words, they’re newer, more of an adventure and ripe for someone with their eye fixed on tomorrow, like yourself.

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The Open Office and Co-Working

At Fund Wisdom, we believe that teamwork flourishes in collaborative frameworks. The co-working spaces we work in have no cubicles and no closed doors. All of team from founders to interns share the same space. Find out more about our working spaces and locations.