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Alternative Investments and Equity Investing Portals

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Investing Portals - Alternatives and Venture

Investing in fast growing small companies with huge potential returns is getting easier as investing portals continue to pop up. These portals allow for equity and debt investments to increase net worth, or growing retirement assets. Access to these types of investments is opening up, providing for great opportunity through changing regulation but is still in its early stages as can be seen below in the Equity Crowdfunding category.

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* from our research center, "The Americas Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report"



Equity Crowdfunding GrowthInvesting portals have taken the innovative crowdsourcing approach to help innovative startups and investors connect, speed up, and simplify the process. This is where the term equity crowdfunding arose and has risen in popularity as can be seen by the Google Trends chart to the left. Equity-based crowdfunding differs from rewards-based. Rewards based you get something in return for your money like a product, while equity is an investment security that is regulated by the SEC.  Rewards-based crowdfunding is more common for projects such as filming a documentary, producing a mobile app or building widgets. Equity-based is typically startups seeking seed-stage financing. As an example, a firm creating cancer treatments that may need additional funds to begin to produce early versions of the drug, and is willing to give up a percentage of ownership in the firm in order to attain those funds, would utilize equity-based, over rewards-based, funding. 

Proposed laws described below have opened the potential to democratize startup investment markets. Crowdsourcing is growing in popularity due to it empowering individuals to canvass a large crowd of people for ideas, skills and participation, the quality of content and idea generation will be superior. Equity crowdfunding is currently only possible for accredited investors and unaccredited investors in certain states. That means contributors must meet the standards set by the US Securities and Exchange Commission ("the SEC") to be an accredited investor. (More detail on this subject can be found in the accredited investor page.)

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The JOBS Act

Title III of the JOBS ACT (Jump-start Our Business Start-ups) will enable nonaccredited investors to take part in private Regulation D equity-investment opportunities. We are excited to work with all types of investors when this change in legal structure is finalized. The markets will only be democratized when investors of all economic classes can participate. More detail >



Equity Crowdfunding is a way of getting financing, generally online, from a group of people. The word is a grouping of the words "crowd" and "funding" brough on by an increase in Crowdsourcing services. The idea is to source funding from a crowd through online resources. 

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Fund Wisdom

Crowdsourcing can take different forms but FundWisdom specializes in Equity Crowdfunding. For individual investors, looking to invest for an ultimate financial return in the business can be a tedious task. Fund Wisdom, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts is an equity crowdfunding information engine. FundWisdom collects, analyzes and aggregates current and historical equity crowdfunding deals from top crowdfunding websites. FundWisdom believes that equity crowdfunding will revolutionize the investment world.

"Open Innovation" is a growing buzzword. If you are not sure of where to start with an idea for a business prospect, whether it is a product design or maybe a marketing firm, FundWisdom can help through open innovation. A hub of information allowing people from all aspects of business, such as investors, designers, inventors and marketers, to find an ideal scenario from loads of offerings and deals and to realize their vision.

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