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We previously held an event series to provide an opportunity for investors to learn more about the financial technology space (Fintech). Our focus has been on equity-based crowdfunding portals and the transition they are helping to create in Venture Capital. 

We have stopped hosing events and look to attend larger event series moving forward.

Past events


Date: Tuesday August 12th, 2014

Location:  The Asgard 350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139


Jason Jones: Co-founder and Partner at Lend Academy - a media and investment services firm in the online lending sector. 

David Feldman of Richard & Patel LLP - the author of The Entrepreneur's Growth Startup Handbook: 7 Secrets to Venture Funding and Growth Success and Reverse Mergers and Other Alternatives to a Traditional IPO. David is also considered one of the country's leading experts on alternatives to traditional initial public offerings. 

Bill Southworth: CEO of Elecyr Corporation - a dynamic, scalable power distribution with the Digital Microgrid. Bill will share his experience as an entrepreneur and working with equity-based Crowdfunding platforms.

Contact us for more information. Boston & Cambridge, we look forward to seeing you there!