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As global investing regulations have changed opening up access to equity offerings has created a fragmented market of platforms. Equity crowdfunding platforms are being created at a rapid rate making it challenging to build a resource to capture every single one. We built a comprehensive list of platforms, websites, digital properties, apps from all over the world below.

We invite you to suggest platforms if we are missing any on the list in the comments below or contacting us direct. We also recognize several platforms have shut down since we first ran this list in 2015 and have created a separate listing for those that have ceased operating.

Americas Ratings, Data, and Research

At Fund Wisdom our focus is on Americas based funding platforms or portals. We review each portal we add into our database. We interview entrepreneurs and investors as we begin to partner with each. We detail some of the risks associated with platforms and the industry and why we do this.


Global Research

The Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge in the UK produces regular reports on the alternative financial markets with a global view.  Even though the report is wide ranging from the securities they cover, we regularly reference their equity focused insights. We understand much of the data is self reported by the platforms themselves. While the breadth of securities and process to collect is not fool proof presents a challenge to report on the entire equity funding industry, it is still one of the most comprehensive sources for this analysis.


Global Regulations

The regulatory framework is vastly different for each country resulting in varied market dynamics and platform operations by geography. We cover Americas based regulation that govern the platforms like Title III of the JOBS Act and the SEC.


List of Global Platforms

Below is a list of equity crowdfunding portals from across the globe. We have a separate database of Americas based platforms and efforts to rank platforms via data and reviews.   General France   Startups Belgium   General Australia   General United Kingdom   Startups Chile   General Switzerland
CircleUp 506B   United States   Small Businesses Delaware   Startups Germany
craftfund   Niche/Beer United States   General United Kingdom   Niche/Real Estate United Kingdom   Niche/Real Estate Hong Kong Real Estate   Startups United Kingdom   General Canada   General South Africa   Startups Israel   Niche/Social United Kingdom
crowdmurex   Niche/Real Estate Germany   General United Arab Emirates   Real Estate United States   General Sweden   Real Estate United States   Startups United States   Niche/Real Estate United States   General United States   General United Kingdom   General Netherlands     International 506 C   Startups United States
growthfunders     International 506B   United States 506 C    
healthios - 506B      Niche/Medical United States 506 C 506 C   Niche/Real Estate United States   Niche/Social United States   General Germany   Niche/Innovation United States 506C General Finland   Niche/Fashion United States   Startups Switzerland     UK   General United States   General United States 506 C    
Joinvestor - Funds    
jumpstartfund 506 C Small Businesses United States   General Belgium Funds   Startups Germany 511 C   United States   Niche/Film France   Small Businesses United States
nxgencapital Real Estate    
OpenRound 506 C    
optimizecapitalmarkets     Canada
OurCrowd 506B   United States   General United States   LGBT   Private Canada
Poliwogg 506B   General United States   Niche/Real Estate United States   Niche/Real Estate United States
repse Real Estate   Startups United States
SecondMarket Funds   Startups Germany 506C   International   Startups Netherlands   Startups United States
Sharepost Funds   Startups Italy   Niche/Ethnicity United States   Niche/Film United States   Startups Russia   Startups Spain   Startups Netherlands 506 C   Startups United States 506B   Startups Netherlands     UK   Small Businesses United States   Startups Spain 506 C      Startups United States     International   Niche/Sports New Zealand   Startups United States   Startups Germany   Small Businesses United Kingdom 506B   Startups Finland   Niche/Social United States   Startups France   Niche/Social Germany

From a Global perspective we recommend P2P Market Data. For a wide range with detailed reviews YieldTalk is another great source.

If you would like to add your platform to our database or the list above let us know in the comments below or contact us direct.

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