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Algo Value

There is increased importance having investments verified by a third-party evaluation service. In fact, a recent survey by Propel(x) found that nearly 95% of angel investors and just about 90% of non-angels point to the importance of third-party expert evaluation services as an important tool in investment decision making. Examples of companies that are leading the way in this area include AlgoValue and Value Analytics & Design.

CrowdCheck, takes the hassle out of the due diligence process, and has partnered with some of the leading online investment platforms such as SeedInvest and WealthForge. CrowdCheck helps people on both sides of the ledger. For investors, the company provides them with a tool to combat against potential fraud, and presents the due diligence check investors are looking for in a simplified manner. Entrepreneurs seeking funding also benefit from the service vetting potential investors. The company was founded by Sara Hanks where she employs a team of securities attorneys and research analysts. You can read about some more tools that specialize in investor protection here. Crowdcheck was named to Entrepreneur Magazine's '100 Brilliant Companies' of 2015 list.

AlgoValue provides an online valuation platform and cap table analysis that features indispensable tools. One of them is a 'Term Sheet Analyzer,' which allows users to run a range of 'what if' scenarios before putting pen to paper. The 'Enterprise Valuator' features a comp database of more than 11,000 companies and provides a convenient way to measure a company's value, even those that may be in the pre-revenue stage, and the company's 'Compliance Wizard' could certainly come in handy for complex tax and valuation issues. In case you just want someone else to do the work for you a valuation expert can be consulted. At Fund Wisdom we have had the chance to work with third-party valuation expert Value Analytics & Design.


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