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With the rise of venture funding platforms has come an increase in insight to venture investing, a previously opaque market. We explore some solutions that can be used to help with the investment process.

We use B2B as an example investment category interest for this break down.   

Angel & Syndicates - Seed

Investing portals like AngelList and WeFunder are great resource for investors willing to write checks to companies at very early stages.

AngelListA search of the Angel and Venture Investors produces a list of all registered investors that have invested into companies in this category. This list can then be sorted by number of investments as seen below, or it is possible to view the companies via the tab at the top of the page.

AngelList b2b\


Wefunder offers a similar category search where at the time of writing this article there are 9 B2B companies raising money.

WeFunder B2B

WeFunder shares who invests when the round completes if you select investors at the top of a company that has been funded like Newchip, the information can be found as seen below:

WeFunder Investors


For additional insight on leads to co-invest with, has a rating system that let entrepreneurs rate their investors.  The interface is not great, and is missing smaller players, but the data is robust on the larger funds.  Seed-DB has a graph comparing Seed Investors and is completely free.

Valuation or Comparable Analysis

CB Insights can be used to identify investors and funding in a category with much greater detail on performance. It is possible to search for comparable companies and from there it is possible to identify who is funding. We are working with Financial Poise to release the latest review of top venture fund performers which will be updated here shortly.