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Deal activity 9

Deal activity 9


Funding Successful

Flyr dropped from $114,300 to $107,300 in committed capital. But Flyr's raising position & goal is different at We found their goal is $4,000,000 and raised $500,000 at


Funding Successful

uBiome raised $1,000,000 to a goal amount of $6,000,000


Virtuix moved off SeedInvest onto AngelList

HeatGenie raised $240,000 to a goal amount of $1,250,000

FreeATM raised $830,000 to a goal amount of $1,000,000


Amylon LLC raised $86,000 to a goal of $500,000 raised $198,001 to a goal of $250,000


Rivalry Games raised $350,000 to a goal of $600,000

Rock the Post

BizSlate Inc. raised $100,000 to a goal of $750,000


LinguaSys, Inc. funded successfully

PsychSignal raised $70,000 to a goal amount $250,000

Return on Change

Charitable Checkout (Dympol) is no longer listed


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