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Cash Crowd was a flop. The show was to be a series on CNBC whose objective is to present live crowdfunding opportunities to accredited investors. There is only one episode since October 2014. On the first episode there were four companies seeking for funds-Nomad, Kosofresh, Hubb Filters, and Whole Life Pet. For this episode, the panel was made by outstanding entrepreneurs such as Barry Nalebuff,Eric Ryan, Alicia Syrett and Lynn Tilton.

Barry Nalebuff- a Professor at Yale School of Management. He is an expert in business strategy and  start-ups (consumer products). He co-founded Honest Tea in 1998, and then Honest Tea was acquired by Coca-Cola in 2011, having growing sales from $250,000 in first year to $112M in 2013. Now Barry is the cofounder and chairman of KomBrewCha, which is kombucha beer crafted from tea.



Eric Ryan- is the founder of Method Products that was started in 2001. Using his knowledge about fashion and design, Eric invented a modern line of cleaning products. Method Products was ranked the 7th fastest growing company in America by Inc. Magazine since it had already reached $150M in 2006, and then was acquired by Belgium-based Ecover in late 2012.


Alicia Syrett- is the founder and CEO of Pantegrion Capital LLC, which is an angel investment vehicle focused on seed and early stage investments. Ms.Syrett was the managing director of Golden Seeds and currently serves the Board of Director of New York Angels and HeTexted. Also, she is on the advisory board of BeautyBooked,Enerknol,The Pitch Deck and Cisse Trading Co.


Lynn Tilton- is the CEO of Patriarch Partners, an investment firm managing investments in more than 75 companies with more than $8 billion in revenues across 14 industry sectors. Ms.Tilton has had ownership in and restructured more than 240 companies through affiliated investment funds since 2000




It was the first time the private companies fundraised on live television, which was made possible by the implementation of Title II of the JOBS Act in September 2013. Cash Crowd show provided an excellent opportunity for companies to gain exposure to thousands of suppliers, customers and investors. The entrepreneurs were allowed to give a 30-second pitch, then the crowd of connected accredited investors who registered on equity crowdfunding platforms and the judge board would decide whether to invest. The bound to raise funds for the startups was broken down to some extent. Startups can reach investors through social media, online platforms and even creative ways. Although the non-accredited investors are still not authorized to invest, the show gave some pitches of startups and decision process of investing gurus.