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Equity crowdfunding platforms are being created at a rapid rate. With this growth we have created a resource below to capture a comprehensive list of every website.

Below you can find all the sites that list equity investing opportunities. We at Fund Wisdom work with the platforms seen at the first list. The reason our list is a portion of the total is due to the fact that we take time to review the platform for its work with entrepreneurs and the offerings they list before we begin to partner with them. We have an article that we describe this process in detail. We then take the time to establish relationships with the teams at each of the platforms.

We have created a second spreadsheet below to list all of the platforms that exist globally. We invite you to add your input on which platforms we should work with next or if we are missing any on the list.


Funds Being Raised Online by Platform

All Platforms GeneralFrance StartupsBelgium GeneralAustralia GeneralUnited Kingdom StartupsChile GeneralSwitzerland
CircleUp506B United States Small BusinessesDelaware StartupsGermany
craftfund Niche/BeerUnited States GeneralUnited Kingdom Niche/Real EstateUnited Kingdom Niche/Real EstateHong Kong
crowdbite.coReal Estate StartupsUnited Kingdom GeneralCanada GeneralSouth Africa StartupsIsrael Niche/SocialUnited Kingdom
crowdmurex Niche/Real EstateGermany GeneralUnited Arab Emirates Niche/Real EstateUnited States GeneralSweden GeneralSweden StartupsUnited States Niche/Real EstateUnited States GeneralUnited States GeneralUnited States GeneralUnited Kingdom GeneralUnited Kingdom GeneralNetherlands  International C StartupsUnited States StartupsUnited States
growthfunders  International
Gust.com506B United States C  
healthios -506B Niche/MedicalUnited States Niche/MedicalUnited States C C Niche/Real EstateUnited States Niche/SocialUnited States GeneralGermany Niche/InnovationUnited States GeneralFinland International Niche/FashionUnited States StartupsSwitzerland  UK GeneralUnited States GeneralUnited States C  
Joinvestor -Funds  
jumpstartfund Small BusinessesUnited States C GeneralBelgium StartupsGermany C United States Niche/FilmFrance Small BusinessesUnited States
nxgencapitalReal Estate  
OpenRound C  
optimizecapitalmarkets  Canada
OurCrowd506B United States GeneralUnited States LGBT PrivateCanada
Poliwogg506B GeneralUnited States Niche/Real EstateUnited States Niche/Real EstateUnited States
repseReal Estate StartupsUnited States
SecondMarketFunds StartupsGermany
seedrs.com506C International StartupsNetherlands StartupsUnited States
SharepostFunds StartupsItaly Niche/EthnicityUnited States Niche/FilmUnited States StartupsRussia StartupsSpain StartupsNetherlands
startjoin.com506 C StartupsUnited States
startupvalley.com506B StartupsNetherlands  UK Small BusinessesUnited States StartupsSpain C StartupsUnited States StartupsUnited States  International Niche/SportsNew Zealand StartupsUnited States StartupsGermany Small BusinessesUnited Kingdom StartupsFinland Niche/SocialUnited States StartupsFrance Niche/SocialGermany


We want to thank Jonathan Sandlund of the CrowdCafe for the listSources:

Alex Feldman of Crowdsunite with a list and ranking system.

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