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There were 296 deals closed with $278,357,293 in funding in 2014. Here are a few examples that can save you time and  provide you some tips about making  a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.


Top 5 successful campaigns in 2014

  1. SeedInvest- A leading equity crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors to top start-ups seeking funding raised $4,155,000 for itself until June 2014.
  2. Beepi- Building a great end-to-end experience for buying and selling pre-owned cars raised $2M through AngelList.
  3. Vengo- Software and media company that engages consumers and gets data raised $2M through SeedInvest in 3 months.
  4. ConnXus- Next-generation procurement platform, which provides Fortune 2000 companies with a fully-integrated supplier-diversity technology solution, raised $1.7M through SeedInvest.
  5. Scoot Networks- Creates networks of motorbikes and also teaches how to ride them. It raised $1.5M through SeedInvest, and Crunchbase states the total funded on the most recent Venture round was $2.3 million January 30, 2014.

All Successful Campaigns in 2014 and 2015 live data.


Tips for successful campaigns

We have created a section to assist entrepreneurs with tips to fund campaigns. Here are some highlights:

Plan your campaign far in advance

As a startup, you need to finance from investors instead of only friends and family. You could conduct a research about the successful campaigns undertaken by others in your field to prepare for you campaign. Most platforms can provide you this information. Also, separate some time to deal with legal pieces and make sure you comply with them.

Find a platform

With the growing of online funding, the number of platforms have also been expanding. Find the platform that best suits your company.

Pitch and Story

Before you figure out your business plan and present it to the investors, you have to ask yourself what's the exact amount of funds you need and where the revenue will go once it's generated. The best way to attract the investors is to tell a story about yourself and how you've come up with your idea.

Marketing and promotion

Make a list of people you can count on and reach out to first. Notable investors could be very helpful if you can acquire their supports. Go to appropriate events where you can talk about your campaign. Here is also some tips about promotion.

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