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With the expansion of equity crowdfunding platforms across the globe, investors could have more international investment opportunities at home and abroad. The accessibility to information and direct investments of international startups will bring investors and startups seeking capital together across borders.

Global Crowdfunding Platforms

Below is the number of Crowdfunding Investing Platforms (CFI) in selected countries from World Bank data from 2012. (We are still looking for newer data please comment if you have anything updated)

The democratization of early stage equity investment has happened in several countries throughout the world. The United States of America has not yet opened up the markets, but still leads in platform count according to the World Bank data. The United Kingdom, following the United States, has 87 crowdfunding investing (CFI) platforms as the second largest CFI platforms market. The signing of the Jobs Act has allowed only accredited investors to purchase equity in small businesses online. Crowdfunding platforms have blossomed and flourished around the world. The growth in UK investment crowdfunding was aided by tax relief programs which has incentivized a growing number of investors.   

In 2012 the UK Crowdfunding Association (UKCFA), an industry group for crowdfunding platforms launched. The organization acts as the voice of crowdfunding in the UK. Seedrs, one of the leading platforms has raised £1.4 Million for 27 crowdfunded campaigns in their first year.



Top 10 Crowdfunding Platforms in UK.




The leading equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK


It has raised £61,252,308 for 194 businesses.


One of the most powerful rewards based platforms


Designed for social entrepreneurs looking to fund social or environmental projects and investments can be made in return for goods or services or as a loan.


The only rewards based crowdfunding platform in the UK to allow any project with commercial or social idea


The first home-grown UK based crowdfunding platform, focusing on creative projects

Funding Circle

Allowed investors to browse businesses that Funding Circle has underwritten and approved for lending, which is best suited to businesses that are looking for an alternative kind of loan


Allowed people to invest in renewable energy projects and benefit from energy production

Bank to the Future

The banker's peer-to-peer platform which allows companies to raise debt, equity and donations in one place


The only crowdfunding publisher in the world



Cross Border Businesses

US based equity crowdfunding platform AngelList launching in UK

The US-based equity crowdfunding platform, AngelList, will launch syndicates in the UK on February 13, 2015, which will allow individuals to co-invest with early investors in UK. Last year AngelList helped online investment of over $100M in US startups.


UK based platform Seedrs moves into US Q4 14

UK based investment crowdfunding platform Seedrs has announced the acquisition of Junction Investments located in California. Seedrs can expand their reach beyond the borders of Europe with this strategic acquisition. Junction founders Adam Kaufman and Brian Goldsmith will be joining the Seedrs team and assisting with the next phase of Seedrs growth. The acquisition closed on October 27, 2014. "We will be opening to accredited investors in the US in the coming months, but we do not yet have a date for that." Alysia Wanczyk said from Seedrs.


Source: Crowdfundings Potential for the Developing World.pdf will be opening p to accredited investors in the US in the coming months, but we do not yet have a date for t k/




Ernest O'Malley (not verified)
Sun, 01/14/2018 - 06:21

Capital Cell which operates in Spain and UK and has been making the news with being the first platform specialised in biotech and life sciences, should also get a mention here. Biotech is one of the most profitable markets and by its nature is also impact investing.