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Karaganda, LLC

Max Weissberg


There are over 10,000 venues in the US (nightclubs, lounges, restaurants, roof decks and bars) that do VIP table/bottle service. The VIP table service market is $8B a year annually in the US alone…


Relive and share your photos and memories

The platform for mobile web games


Matchmaker for concerts and friends


Social platform for virtual reality

Box Jump

The health and wellness industry has been on a rapid incline the last few years. Plain Jane and Average Joe are finally fed up with spending counts hours at Globo gym in a fruitless attempt of…

490 Entertainment

I'm a seasoned real estate investor with a "minor" in gentlemen's club operations. I'm merging the two talents and looking to create a small empire of actual gentlemen's…


photo sharing platform setting pictures in motion

Chaos Interactive Ltd

Chaos Interactive is an independent company operates in the interactive entertainment industry.