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Mental health on demand

Zephyrus Biosciences

Analyze proteins in thousands of individual cells (Fluidigm for proteins)


Uber for Medical Marijuana


Remotely connecting vets and pets.

Infinity Telemedicine Group

Affordable Accessible Everywhere VISION ...

OvaGene Oncology Inc

OvaGene is an in-revenue growth company that develops and commercializes Molecular Diagnostics for women suffering from gynecologic cancers (ovarian, uterine and cervical cancers) and pre-cancer…

TecMed, Inc.

TecMed, Inc., a privately held intellectual property (IP) company focused on non-invasive blood glucose management, specializes in IP which allows for increased accuracy, reliability and cost…


Vitalbox is a Brazilian company based in São Paulo, which develops technology and new business models for healthcare.

Vheda Health

Vheda Health’s clinically-validated mobile interventions save health plans and self-funded employers $15,000 per prevented hospitalization by giving patients attention.