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Identify Investors

Identifyting, connecting, and establishing relationships with investors and firms that have successfully raised money has become easier than ever. Below are resources for making connections with investors and successful entrepreneurs. We provide resource to help identify investors, help connecting, and adding experts to lead funding rounds. It makes sense to identify lead investors prior to investing as they can help be a guide as to whether or not it makes sense to list on a portal.


Focus on your geographic region or business sector

AngelList Search

AngelList offers access to their investor user base along with advanced search features to hone in on those that align to your business or region. Contacting investors is free. Click on the Advanced text in the left navigation. This will expose location and market information for you to identify investors that align to you.


Invstor Search

Fundable offers Invstor, but to contact through the service costs $59


View businesses to be funded that most resemble your firm and reach out to those founders and investors.

Search by Sector  >  Choose the sector that interests you (ex: Healthcare) >  Filter just those that have been funded > Filter with states from your region > 

Once comparable companies appear clicking into the individual company and the invest button will take you to the page with founders. Investors will also display on this page depending upon the platform.


Contact investors

Investors often provide contact info on podcasts

List of podcasts >



Once you have identified investors:

Where to list your equity offering - Equity Platform Costs   - We help Identify which fits best

View firms raising funds in your sector

Business and Market Assessment/Valuation 

Keys to Raising funds

Pitch Presentation

Promote your Equity Offering