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Algo Value

AlgoValue was developed using advanced mathematics to handle the difficult computational and valuation challenges of complex capital structures and waterfall analysis. Our SaaS platform provides a suite of efficient, intuitive, accurate analytical tools that bring instant transparency, as well as real-time decision-support data output for valuation of the equity securities of private companies.

Our solution simplifies calculation complexities, eliminates costly errors resulting from numerous data entries from multiple sources, saves time and money, and improves the way illiquid equity investments are valued and managed.

AlgoValue is used by domestic and international valuation firms, accounting firms, venture capital firms, law firms, private companies and secondary market platforms.


Value Analytics & Design

Value Analytics & Design Specializes in early stage, high growth, complex structure and other hard-to-value business entities and projects, where realism + insight really matter.

As independent valuation experts, we utilize a rigorous blend of best practices, custom research, advanced mathematics, and solid common sense to derive each estimate of value for events that have already occurred.

Just as important, we help our clients and their advisors understand, in advance, the value implications for their companies and projects of:

  • A proposed liquidity event, stock option grant, or other transaction;

  • Strategies for the company's intangible assets and intellectual capital;

  • Contemplated or actual design, development, and operating choices;

  • Owners' succession planning and wealth preservation strategies.

Whether ex post or ex ante, all our valuation advisory services are guided by our model: value + realism + insight » effective decision support.



The AngelList team at Venture Hacks provide a very helpful resource to help with the valuation process as well as expose some data visualization tools to show segmented break downs of the valuations for firms on their platformUse our free solutions at Fund Wisdom to help you find comparable companies and see their valuations across all of the platforms we work with.

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