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Improving access and insight to direct investments, funds, and cryptocurrency to produce higher returns and lower fees. View ratings and reviews and who we work with.

Innovative Funds - Invest In and Build - Reducing Fees

Investing in early stage businesses, venture, is one of the riskiest asset classes, so diversification through funds can lower the risk profile of your portfolio. The fund manager chooses a broad range of companies. Funds typically carry fees which can cut into your return on investment so we focus on the innovative structures that are helping reduce these costs. You will find top ranked venture, angel, and crypto fund managers noted for leveraging innovative technology solutions. We cover reviews, research, and analysis on the performance of these funds.

Articles for Alternative Investors

In an effort to showcase what goes into ranking models or algorithms for how Top Venture Capital Fund Managers are selected across publications and…
“Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth” Paraphrasing of Buddha (Gradual Sayings, Volume I) "You're not going to get rich…
At Fund Wisdom we believe innovative wealth building investments should be accessed by all, as we look to empower the democratization of private…