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Managing a Portfolio with Alternatives

Reduce Fees

Technology and new regulations have increased access and lowered costs to invest in early stage high growth companies. As you add investments like this into your portfolio, an important consideration is the effect they will have on your overall risk/reward profile and expense ratio. Below are insights and recommended tools to help you manage a portfolio that includes seed stage investments along with the costs and fees associated with the services. Answers to common questions in our FAQ.

Finding the right Investing Portal

Data and insights on alternative investing platforms to help you select where to invest based upon if you are not accredited, deal flow, returns, fees, reviews, and independent analysis. Access growth investments in alternatives like startup equity and crypto at lower costs.

Reducing Fees: Innovative Funds

Investing at early stages is risky so diversification can be achieved with a fund. We review fees and strategies of venture, angel, and crypto fund managers noted for leveraging innovative technology solutions and showcase performance of these funds with our analytics partners.

Services and Solutions

Asset Management

Reduce Risk

Investing in early stage equity and coin offerings can produce impressive returns, but with those returns comes risks. We list and review platforms built to address risk and compliance.

Portfolio Management

Already Invested and need resources? Save time & money while staying compliant. Escape spreadsheets and paperwork.

We showcase a select set of valuation providers for help with the due diligence process.


Cryptocurrency Pricing on 2021-09-19

Name Symbol Price Change 1hr Change 24hrs Change 7Days Market Cap (USD)
Bitcoin BTC $47,856.86 -0.02398406 -0.73662167 5.49547113 $900,664,022,712.02
Ethereum ETH $3,408.06 -0.23237788 -1.93958202 2.69136593 $400,730,329,451.92
Cardano ADA $2.35 -0.08376364 -1.45170924 -7.76408759 $75,353,240,942.79
Binance Coin BNB $408.48 -0.05744645 -1.77903628 0.46785937 $68,680,332,350.25
Tether USDT $1.00 0.05821018 0.0464966 0.01534916 $68,345,782,636.04
XRP XRP $1.07 0.36090912 -1.00050237 -0.66502102 $49,974,752,381.36
Solana SOL $162.26 -1.2851287 10.69212942 -9.4973768 $48,185,127,185.27
Polkadot DOT $33.91 -0.09265615 -1.50699462 6.36677123 $33,484,062,663.74
Dogecoin DOGE $0.24 0.09663926 -1.58498857 -1.03940549 $31,456,416,871.81
USD Coin USDC $1.00 0.05826109 0.03461094 0.00262443 $29,418,767,920.04