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We aggregate investments offered on venture funding portals and are building a dashboard to help with analysis. Most of the companies and funds offering access to their debt and equity are financing at earlier stages like seed and series A. We gather the offerings from the public listings on the SEC EDGAR database as many platforms have reduced public access over time. Reach out to add or update a listing.

Raised on Platform Total Invested Platforms Listed On Listing Created Date Listed (SEC) Sort ascending
THB Holdco, LLC NetCapital 2019-10-29
Camino Kombucha Co. Honeycomb 2019-10-29
Layali LLC 2019-10-29
KEXY, LLC StartEngine 2019-10-29
Inner City Opportunity Zone LLC TruCrowd 2019-10-29
Participant Assistive Products Wefunder 2019-10-29
BUSHL Inc 2019-10-29
TurboPass Corporation Wefunder 2019-10-29
ChalkBites, Inc. StartEngine 2019-10-29
Lenmo Inc. 2019-10-29
Deep Cuts LLC 2019-10-29
Zamii Clean USA Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Corp. 2019-10-29
CAS Confectionery LLC 2019-10-29
Green Valley Affiliates, Inc. 2019-10-29
Brian Giniewski LLC Honeycomb 2019-10-29
BREAKING NORMAL, INC. StartEngine 2019-10-29
Hobbydb Corp Wefunder 2019-10-29
Out of the Box Collective, Inc. Wefunder 2019-10-29
Goods Unite Us, Inc. 2019-10-29
TriplePulse, Inc. StartEngine 2019-10-29
Future Labs III, Inc. 2019-10-29
Rian Enterprises, Inc. StartEngine 2019-10-29
Gravatate, Inc. Wefunder 2019-10-29
Keyla Cooks LLC Honeycomb 2019-10-29
Narrative Company Wefunder 2019-10-29
TheTeSpa LLC 2019-10-29
Phillips Entertainment Group Inc. StartEngine 2019-10-29
Madear's LLC 2019-10-29
Sully's Pro Pizza LLC 2019-10-29
Raveler Inc NetCapital 2019-10-29
Cherry App, Inc. 2019-10-29
Lokimox Texas LLC 2019-10-29
K.B.I. LLC Honeycomb 2019-10-29
Nannocare Inc. StartEngine 2019-10-29
Green Olive Collective Inc. Wefunder 2019-10-29
Mighty Health Inc. 2019-10-29
Liberty PlugIns, Inc. StartEngine 2019-10-29
Twelve27 Salon LLC Honeycomb 2019-10-29
The PMD Crew, LLC Wefunder 2019-10-29
SunVessel Corp. Wefunder 2019-10-29
SanMelix Laboratories, Inc StartEngine 2019-10-29
Leagueswype StartEngine 2019-10-29
The Sleeping Negro LLC Wefunder 2019-10-29
Cyber Consumer Club Corp TruCrowd 2019-10-29
Tallyfy, Inc. 2019-10-29
College Coaching Network Inc. NetCapital 2019-10-29
Smart Family Tech, Inc 2019-10-29
Backyard Soda Co, Inc. 2019-10-29