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We aggregate investments offered on venture funding portals and built a dashboard to help with analysis. Most of the companies and funds offering access to their debt and equity are financing at earlier stages like seed and series A. We gather the offerings from the public listings and the SEC as the platforms have reduced public access over time and share some of the stats and insights. Reach out to add or update a listing.

Raised on Platform Total Invested Platforms Listed On Listing Created Date Listed (SEC) Sort ascending
FANview Sports Inc. NetCapital 2019-08-19
Iron Born Pizza, LLC Honeycomb 2019-08-19
Salsa God LLC Republic 2019-08-19
BluCollr, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
GiveXist, Inc. MicroVentures 2019-08-19
Sama Sama LLC NextSeed 2019-08-19
Boku International Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
CVBM Interests LLC MicroVentures 2019-08-19
FoldiMate, Inc. SeedInvest 2019-08-19
Social Chains, Inc 2019-08-19
Bakery on the Square Honeycomb 2019-08-19
Armored Citizen, LLC. MrCrowd 2019-04-08
Healthereum LLC 2019-04-08
Monetran, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
Your Car, Our Driver, Inc. 2019-04-08
Airspace Experience Technologies, Inc. SeedInvest 2019-08-19
Weeds Never Sleep LLC TruCrowd 2019-08-19
CHAI CURIOUS LLC MainVest 2019-08-19
Hidrent, Inc. MicroVentures 2019-08-19
Shift, LLC 2019-08-19
Gab AI Inc StartEngine 2019-04-08
SARITAS MACARONI & CHEESE INC StartEngine 2019-04-08
Globocoin 1, LLC 2019-08-19
Kalibrate Blockchain Corp 2019-08-19
Gyomo, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
North Country Showcase Inc 2019-04-08
Bestest, LLC MicroVentures 2019-08-19
Goffee, Inc StartEngine 2019-08-19
Upcycle This!, LLC Honeycomb 2019-08-19
Chosen, LLC 2019-08-19
Dine Inc. StartEngine 2019-08-19
Hera Health Solutions, Inc. MicroVentures 2019-08-19
LIFOGRAPH, INC. Wefunder 2019-08-19
Rhino Hide LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
Karaganda, LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
MEALTHY, INC. Republic 2019-08-19
SanMelix Laboratories, Inc. StartEngine 2019-08-19
Flower Street Docs, LLC MicroVentures 2019-08-19
Flower Turbines LLC StartEngine 2019-04-08
Locking Line Barriers Corp StartEngine 2019-04-08
Alta Zero Emissions Solutions Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
microsurgeonbot,inc StartEngine 2019-08-19
Taste Labs, Inc SeedInvest 2019-08-19
Vantem Global, LLC NetCapital 2019-04-08
HUNNY, INC. NetCapital 2019-08-19
Leagueswype LLC StartEngine 2019-08-19
Personal Airline Exchange, Inc. StartEngine 2019-04-08
Caribu Inc. Wefunder 2019-08-19