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Invest in Innovative Startup Funds - Index, Venture, and Hedge Funds

Innovative funds providing access to high growth startups which ideally lower risk due to diversification or multiple businesses being part of the fund.

Innovative Venture Capital Funds

AngelList Syndicates

AngelList has created funds they term, Syndicates, which they state are producing 46% returns. They are revolutionizing seed and venture fund creation by reducing management and overhead fees... more

Onevest 1000 Angels

Onvest created 1000 angels a venture capital type fund set up to invest in start-up entities and related investment opportunities that is invitation only. This allows for investors to build... more

Our Crowd Funds

OurCrowd Announced November 1 2016 a Digital HealthFund Qure. It is the first exclusively focused digital health fund: The fund will focus on Seed and Series A rounds investing in innovative... more


SeedInvest has offered White-Labeling so funds can leverage their own branding using SeedInvest technology. One of the first firms to take advantage is Dave McClure's: 500 Startups... more

Sharespost 100 Fund

Sharespost 100 Fund, ticker symbol PRIVX is a Closed-End Mutual fund that you do not need to be accredited to access. The fund invests in the equity securities of certain private, operating,... more

WeFunder Orange Funds

$10,000 minimums • Instant Diversification • Insider Access • Low Fees

Invest in WeFunder's access to top Y Combinator classes.  They are able to leverage Y Combinator's success with... more

Open a Motif IRA - Get Started

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)  

Individuals can invest in these offerings through IRAs. With the growth of online offerings many IRA custodians are creating services to make investment in these exclusive offerings more accessible. As Title III of the JOBS act has been passed Equity Crowdfunding for non-accredited investors has become possible.  Invest through tax advantaged retirement accounts.

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Venture Capital Funds that Invest in Seed

500 Startups
Andreessen Horowitz 
SV Angel
Lerer Ventures
First Round Capital
Innovation Works
Atlas Venture
Connecticut Innovations
Founder Collective
Kapor Capital
Great Oaks Venture Capital

True Ventures 
Greylock Partners
Red Swan Ventures
New Enterprise Associates 
RRE Ventures
ENIAC Ventures
Romulus Capital
Freestyle Capital
Forerunner Ventures
VegasTech Fund
Khosla Ventures

Generally soliciting funds: FF Venture Capital, NN Venture Capital.

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Public Fund Investing



Hedge Funds that Invest in Seed

SlicedInvesting provides access to curated Hedge Fund offerings for as little as $10,000. Add hedge funds to reduce portfolio volatility and compound returns in a matter of minutes.


Tiger Global

Tiger Global Management, LLC is an employee owned hedge fund sponsor. It provides its services to pooled investment vehicles. The firm launches and manages hedge funds for its clients. The firm employs long/short strategy to make its investments. It uses fundamental analysis to create its portfolio. The firm employs a combination of in-house and external research to make its investments. It also manages private equity funds. For private equity investments, it specializes in investing in early stage companies and start-ups. It also invests in public markets as well. Several of the funds that have spun out have been named Tiger Cubs. Chase Coleman's fund has invested in Survey Monkey as one example.


SAC Capital

SAC Capital Advisors is a hedge fund founded in 1992. The firm is owned by its founder Steven A. Cohen. Mr. Cohen and his business partners are S.A.C. Capital's largest investors, accounting for an estimated 60% of the firm's assets. The firm's subsidiaries include San Francisco-based Canvas Capital (Tech & Asia), Stamford-based CR Intrinsic Investors (Equity) and NY-based Sigma Capital Management (Sector-focused US Equity & Debt). London-based S.A.C. Global Investors LLP, formerly Walter Capital Management, is an independent investment manager affiliated with SAC. S.A.C. Global invests principally in non-US equity and debt securities.



The Tudor group of companies ("Tudor Group") is a group of affiliated entities engaged in the management of client and proprietary assets. Paul Tudor Jones II formed Tudor Investment Corporation, the first of the Tudor Group companies, in 1980. The Tudor Group manages assets across fixed income, currency, equity and commodity asset classes and related derivative instruments in the global markets for an international clientele. The investment strategies of the Tudor Group include, among others, discretionary global macro, quantitative global macro (managed futures), quantitative equity systems and discretionary equity long/short.



Raptor Ventures is the venture capital arm of Raptor Group Holdings. They partner with and deploy capital to early-stage, market disrupting technology and media companies. They seek founders who are looking for strategic partners to grow their businesses in music, advertising, branding, e-commerce, digital media, broadcasting, content creation, sports, social gaming, data, travel, hospitality, and entertainment, big data; viral growth loops; location based services.

Raptor Group Holdings primarily invests in public and private equities across a broad spectrum of phases, sectors, geographies and asset classes. Clients include high-net-worth individuals, family offices, funds of hedge funds, retail platforms, private banks, pensions, foundations, endowments, entrepreneurs, private organizations and properties. The vision was developed by founder, James J. Pallotta, who launched Raptor Group in 2009. As a 20+ year veteran in the alternative investment space, Mr. Pallotta built a successful career investing across the spectrum in public and private equities throughout various market cycles.

Raptor Ventures offers a contact page to: Invest or receive investment


DE Shaw

THE D. E. SHAW GROUP is a global investment and technology development firm with more than 1,000 employees, approximately $33 billion in investment capital as of July 1, 2014, and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Founded in 1988. 

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Many of the above funds incur additional management fees which can reduce your returns. We offer solutions to analyze fees, performance and place and keep track of the investments.

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