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AngelList has created funds they term, Syndicates, which they state are producing 46% returns. They are revolutionizing seed and venture fund creation by reducing management and overhead fees through this innovative technology. The Syndicate allows a lead investor to create a fund like structure to have Backers similar to Limited Partners. An individual can create their own or join others. AngelList has also recently released index funds.

Reduced Costs and Fees compared to traditional Venture Capital Funds 5-20% carry. find out more >

  • AngelList receives a 5 percent carried interest.
  • There are no upfront fees to set up a syndicate. 
  • Lead investors can choose to take an additional carry of up to 20 percent. 

One can have 40 investors with just one signatory on deals. It provides pro-rata rights to invest in subsequent rounds. It packages and aggregates angel money into large bundles making it easier for angels to attain rights they might not otherwise have.

Syndicate Insight and Reporting

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