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Onvest created 1000 angels a venture capital type fund set up to invest in start-up entities and related investment opportunities that is invitation only. This allows for investors to build their own venture portfolio. You are in charge of your allocation of capital.

There is no investment manager which means no management fees, carried interest fees, or minimum capital commitments. All of the companies invited to raise capital on the Onvest platform have been through a rigorous vetting process with the Onvest investment team, and all of the selected founders have a vision to build high-growth, scalable businesses.

Director Level ($2,500)

  • Digital access to exclusive demo-day events
  • Digital access to our exclusive monthly lineup of curated investment opportunities

Principal Level ($5,000)

  • All the benefits of being a Director, plus:
  • Conference events and VIP access, in person demo-day events, Members-only investor dinners
  • Quarterly Investor Education Seminars
  • Access to BOD or Advisory Board Roles

Venture Partner Level ($10,000)

  • All the benefits of being a Principal, plus:
  • Personal investment concierge
  • Personal meetings with founders



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