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Covers the crowdfuning market as a whole: rewards, donation, real estate, and equity funding. 2015 $34.4 Billion Financed Online and $2.5 Billion in Equity.

$495  2015 Global Crowdfunding



  • P2P Lending $25B
  • Reward and Donation Crowdfunding: $5.5B
  • Equity Crowdfunding $2.5B


By Region:North America $17.2B, Asia $10.54B, Europe $6.48B, Oceania $68.6M, South America $85.74M, Africa $24.16M


Note: Including P2P/Marketplace Lending as a form of crowdfunding really inflates these statistics, as it consists of 71% of the total, and most companies in the P2P/Marketplace Lending space would not call themselves crowdfunding. Though even without P2P included, $10Billion is still an impressive figure.

Real Estate

  • Real Estate Crowdfunding Set to Be $2.5 Billion Industry in 2015.
  • Real estate crowdfunding grew 156 percent in 2014, just breaking the $1 billion mark, with campaigns ranging in size from less than $100,000 to over $25 million.
  • In 2014, North America stood as the largest region by funding volume at 56 percent market share, compared with Europe at 42 percent.
  • By 2015, Massolution forecasts that North America will retain its lead, reaching $1.4 billion in funding volume, but Europe will have just broken the $1 billion threshold.
  • Overall, real estate crowdfunding is expected to increase by 150 percent, equaling $2.57 billion in 2015, making it one of the fastest-growing industry segments of crowd capitalism.
  • This year, U.S. commercial and industrial property crowdfunding expects to see a 250 percent increase.
  • Growing investor interest in crowdfunding platforms is proving crowdfunding to be a legitimate source of funds as compared to traditional banking.