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Our beta dashboard of our database of investment offerings across platforms. We started by manually importing data based on public listings of equity on our list of platforms. We build detailed research reports from the data we collect. We are still going through a process to improve the SEC filing data through normalization, but look to share an early take for feedback.

We partner with external analytics providers that have high quality data providing reports and dashboards on venture investing. We have yet to observed any of them pulling this data in yet. Contact us for any questions or additional analysis.

Equity Crowdfunding Offering History

Amount Raised by Platform (2019 & 20)

Regulated Equity Crowdfunding Offerings by Year

2018 Equity Crowdfunding Offerings by Platform

Accredited Investing Portals - Industry pre 2018

Accredited Investing - Top Rounds Raised pre 2016

Amount Raised by State

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View & Search Investment Offerings across Platforms

Investors can view a complete list of available Investment Opportunities and can choose the industry or a location far away from their own to invest. Whether you wish to invest in a real estate, education, e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, retail, telecommunication, advertising, pharmaceuticals, or more you can search and find opportunities.

We aggregate investments pulled from the SEC database and from venture funding portals that we review. We built a dashboard for insights and analysis. Most of the companies and funds offering access to their debt and equity are financing at earlier stages like seed and series A. We gather the offerings primarily from the public listings, the SEC, and submissions as the platforms have reduced public access over time. Reach out to add or update a listing.

Platforms Listed On Date Listed
Monetran, LLC
Tuttle Twins Show, LLC
Hemp Real Estate Investments, Inc.
The Luving Company

2019 - 2020 Offerings by Platform

Platforms Listed On Offerings Total Offering Amount
*New Platforms 724 $31, 460, 143
SeedInvest 63 $1, 575, 000
Wefunder 186 $16, 258, 161
MicroVentures 41 $1, 275, 003
StartEngine 160 $1, 599, 608
Republic 49 $1, 708, 000
NextSeed 14 $1, 520, 000
NetCapital 22 $220, 034
TruCrowd 21 $215, 704
Wunderfund 2 $30, 000
Honeycomb 47 $822, 000
MrCrowd 12 $751, 500
CrowdfundMainstreet 4 $200, 000
MainVest 33 $1, 226, 000
Buy the Block 13 $735, 700
Razitall 9 $1, 377, 000
LetsLaunch 7 $500, 000
Small Change 2 $21, 000
FlashFunders 1 $115, 000