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Insight into Venture, Angel, Equity Crowdfunding & Hedge Funds - The Boston Consulting Group teamed up with Amazon to quantify the benefits of using big data. The survey, which studied 167 companies in five sectors, examined what differentiates the leaders from the rest of the pack and explored how they gain competitive advantage from big data analytics.

The survey showed that leaders in big data generate an average of 12% more revenue than those that do not maximize their use of analytics. Leaders also have faster growth rates and a greater ability to innovate than their peers do. Leaders show significant gains in revenue-anywhere from 5% to more than 25%-when they integrate big data analytics into their organizations.


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MatterMark (link is external)


Search companies and investors to effortlessly create actionable lists of leads. Boost your workflow and find more business opportunities. Covering Fund and Firm analysis including Seed and Series A, B, C, D

$600/month (link is external)

Boston Illiquid Securities Offering Network (BISON)

Fund Analysis Offers Market Insights Performance Calculations for LPs and Founders (link is external) 14 day trial

$499/month (link is external)

*previously listed starting at this price but they currently have no public pricing

Investment Portal Analytics that aggregates
and normalizes information for thousands
of private companies publicly raising
capital through leading platforms

$129/month (link is external)