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10% carried interest

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AngelList allows accredited investors to build a diverse portfolio of early-stage startup investments. It is one of the most well-established angel/venture investing platforms.

Created in 2010 by Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi it started as an online introduction board for tech startups that needed seed funding. The platform has a mission to democratize the investment process and to help startups with their challenges in fundraising and talent. An individual can create their own or join others.

AngelList has created an angel/venutre fund solution they term, Syndicates.On the site it states these Syndicates are producing 46% returns. They are revolutionizing seed and venture fund creation by reducing management and overhead fees.

Syndicates and Index Funds – Instant Diversification and exposure across multiple sectors, stages and geographies. One investment gets you exposure to 200+ investments.offers access to hundreds of individual deals all vetted by AngelList; the minimum investment is $100,000.

  • $1 Billion invested
  • 1,133startups funded in 2018
  • 255 angels and VCs leading investments in 2018
  • 28% of top-tier U.S. VC deals are in the portfolio
  • - all from 2018 in review

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Solutions for real time market analysis to improve your investment decisions leveraging artificial intelligence, data visualization, machine learning, financial modeling, and predictive analytics. Understand trends, sector and geographic performance.

Title Summary Starting Monthly Price
CB Insights Fund and company financial performance and analysis. CB Insights offers insights through a private company financing and angel investment database.… $4558.00
Pitchbook Known for detailed deal terms and VC vitals. Gain insight from VC, PE and M&A data with the PitchBook Platform. Based in Seattle, PitchBook was… $1500.00
Sentieo Full global coverage of company fundamentals in all international geographies with data from 50k+ global tickers on all major exchanges. Find… $150.00
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