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Rate and Review Equity Funding Platforms

Open to :
Only Accredited Investors
Investor Cost - Fees:

0.5% per transaction

Minimum Investment:
Investing Portal Details:

Cryptocurrency investing portal facilitating compliance and other technical issues on vetted initial coin offerings, or security token offerings, and was the platform behind the $257 million Filecoin token sale. They have expanded to handle trading of all tokens, not just initial offerings.


Every ICO on the CoinList platform goes through investor checks to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), anti-terrorist, and confirm all investors are accredited. Investments are done via Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) and there are no direct token purchases. Payment can be made in USD, ETH, or BTC.

As an example Coinlist recently published Props detailed document on the mechanics of their sale.


October 2018 the company announced its decision to make all the sales of tokens registered on the website 100% free for investors. CoinList is working towards creating a model that is aligned economically and is more sustainable.

Investor Types

They focus on accredited investors and with that - allow crytoassets as a means to meet net worth requirements for accreditation. Investors share securely share key information from their wallet to provide that they own assets worth over $1M.


The company was incubated by AngelList and founded in 2017. The funding platform connects startups to investors, and Protocol Labs.  Founded by Andy Bromberg is the CEO, Graham Jenkin, COO, and Joshua Slayton

In late 2016, Protocol Labs planned an ICO for their FileCoin (FIL). Protocol Labs decided to work with AngelList to create CoinList, and August 8th 2017, the FileCoin ICO raised $257M on the platform which turned out to bethe largest ICO ever, at that time.

Trade Crypto

As the platform has grown and the need to service firms needs after the initial funding event they have announced a trading platform. As of October 2019 the announcement was made that it is coming, but no date that we could find to commit when trading would be able to commence. Eventually you be able to trade on Coinlist. We work with and trade on Coinbase today.

Platform Status:

We encourage you to share feedback, updates, or issues with our listings via our contact form. We regularly monitor it and respond quickly.

Additional Insights on the offerings

Solutions for real time market analysis to improve your investment decisions leveraging artificial intelligence, data visualization, machine learning, financial modeling, and predictive analytics. Understand trends, sector and geographic performance for Private Equity, VC.

Title Summary Starting Monthly Price
CB Insights Fund and company financial performance and analysis. CB Insights offers insights through a private company financing and angel investment database.… $4558.00
Pitchbook Known for detailed deal terms and VC vitals. Gain insight from VC, PE and M&A data with the PitchBook Platform. Based in Seattle, PitchBook was… $1500.00
Sentieo Full global coverage of company fundamentals in all international geographies with data from 50k+ global tickers on all major exchanges. Find… $150.00