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Open to :
Only Accredited Investors
Investor Cost - Fees:

20% carry on 5x 25% beyond 5x returns, 2% management/year, 4% fee reserve

Investing Portal Details:


Focused on Global Startups with their HQ in Israel. Founded by Jon Medved in 2013.

$10,000 minimum investment.


From the website:

  • $1.3 Billion in Committed Funds
  • 200 Portfolio Companies
  • 10,000 Companies Vetted
  • 39,000 Registered Investors
  • 183 Countries Represented

Selective Due Diligence and Dealflow

Reviews and selects only 1-2% of companies to be listed on their platform. At the time of writing this was about 3,000 companies they vet annually.


Portfolio Management & Network

Strengthens your portfolio with post-investment support from their community of 39,000 registered investors. They have built a corporate innovation program for multinational companies to support, collaborate and invest in startups. Members play a positive role in the development of startups, across stages and sectors - from sourcing and funding, to collaborating post-investment on strategic partnerships.


Deal terms

OurCrowd actively helps with negotiation and preparation of deal terms.


Management Fees: 2% annually for four years (capped)
Administration Fees: One time, 4% (capped until exit) for direct reimbursement of SPV’s expenses with a draw down as expenses are incurred.
Carried Interest: 20% on profits up to 5x of the amount invested. If > 5x then jumps to 25%

more info on fees.



Invests capital and invites investor community at same terms

platform status:
Entrepreneur Cost:


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Solutions for real time market analysis to improve your investment decisions leveraging artificial intelligence, data visualization, machine learning, financial modeling, and predictive analytics. Understand trends, sector and geographic performance for Private Equity, VC.

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