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Wefunder is a crowd investing platform that offers capital raising services based in San Francisco. They offer equity crowdfunding for non-accredited investors, or regulation crowdfunding, Regulation D, Rule 506b and Regulation A+ offerings. As of October 2019, they state on their site, " Wefunder is the largest platform for Regulation Crowdfunding by every measure - by dollars funded, successful offerings, or number of investors."

They allow investments starting from $100-$500, unlike the minimum threshold of $1000 by  many equity crowdfunding platforms.

They allow direct as well as fund-based investments and allow investors to directly connect with the company executives through an integrated chat system. None of the actual investments are facilitated through the platform and happen off site.

Fee Details

A company can create a profile with Wefunder for free. Fees are only assessed after a successful raise. The structure of the raise for the entrepreurial team is are all-or-nothing. Funds are collected only if you meet or exceed the goal amount set at the outset.

Due Diligence

You are responsible for conducting your own due diligence.


Wefunder offers a contact section with email address for support that we have seen responses come back on. We understand that once a campaign has been launched Wefunder will open a line of communication. We look forward to learning your experiences in the comments.


Founded in 2011 by Greg Belote, Mike Norman, and Nick Tommarello. They started by offering Reg D filings. The team went through YCombinator and leverage the network to help fund many gradudates of the program.

Regulation A+ campaigns are for more mature companies looking to raise up to $50 million. This incurs public filing requirements.



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