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WRH + Co. is known for 3 offerings, OpenIPO Auction, OpenFollowOn Auction, and the A+ IPO. Their current innovation initiatives include applying Data Science and Disruption Theory analytics to better understand companies and industries at all stages. They are known for their involvement in the IPOs of Google, Morningstar, Netsuite, and Rackspace.

OpenIPO Auction

WRH + Co. works with other Broker Dealers in implementing the OpenIPO Auction product. This product is described as a simpler way to efficient and transparent IPO price discovery. It enables the distribution of issuer disclosure and research to any investor, and the collection of bids in a fair and systematic fashion.  WRH+Co. is not a registered Broker Dealer nor conducts IPO underwriting.

OpenFollowOn Auction

Extends the transparency and real-time price discovery of the OpenBook auction to follow-on equity offerings allowing interactive bidding and gives investors a view into the book as it builds.


They advise companies on the Reg A+ process in order to efficiently raise capital and go public early.

WRH + Co.’ also runs a venture capital advisory through its parent company, Hambrecht Partners Holdings, LLC,

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Additional Insights on the offerings

Solutions for real time market analysis to improve your investment decisions leveraging artificial intelligence, data visualization, machine learning, financial modeling, and predictive analytics. Understand trends, sector and geographic performance.

Title Summary Starting Monthly Price
CB Insights Fund and company financial performance and analysis. CB Insights offers insights through a private company financing and angel investment database.… $4558.00
Pitchbook Known for detailed deal terms and VC vitals. Gain insight from VC, PE and M&A data with the PitchBook Platform. Based in Seattle, PitchBook was… $1500.00
Sentieo Full global coverage of company fundamentals in all international geographies with data from 50k+ global tickers on all major exchanges. Find… $150.00
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