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Platform Costs to Raise Capital

Investor Cost

Entrepreneur Cost, Monthly Fee

10% carried interest (self-syndicated) $0
7% 5%
0% one time fee of $3,000 - $5,000 in due diligence, escrow, marketing and legal expense reimbursements. This is reimbursed when the round is closed. 7.5% of successful round
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Raise Capital Direct - White Label

To raise capital without the need for a marketplace of an investment portal like the ones above it is possible to use white label technology. With these solutions it is possible to add direct investment on your digital properties like websites or mobile applications.

Full Service Solutions like CrowdEngine





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Loans, Credit, Debt

Kabbage Business Loans


Kabbage is a great source for working capital loans.


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Initial Public Offerings

Open IPO by Loayl3

Preparing to Raise Capital

Advice from top universities and venture investors


Accredited Investor Verification

We have several offerings to quickly and easily verify investor accreditaion. 

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Reach out to Investors Directly

Identify and contact investors


Discussing your lead investor which platform he/she is a member, what platform do they prefer?

List on the agreed platform in concert with this lead the network and market together.

The lead investor ideally runs a syndicate or creates one with others on the platform. (not required but very helpful)

Other investors reached outside the platform can be directed to the platform to access all the investment docs and diligence materials.



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