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Raise Money for your Startup or Fund

Looking to raise money for a business or fund? The below platforms help with the marketing and compliant structure of your investment offerings. We showcase fee structures for equity-based crowdfunding or investing platforms for business owners and fund managers to raise funds via debt and equity.

Angels Raising Capital

If you are looking to raise capital as an investor platforms have created standardized structures to help with the fund creation and marketing process. Platforms like AngelList created the Syndicate. They can help with lead generation, marketing automation via email marketing campaigns and more.

Accredited Investor Verification

Portfolio Management

Valuation Services


Entrepreneurs Raising Money

Raise money for your business, sell your business or equity in your company to accredited and non accredited investors.

Raising capital to invest in a business can take time away from your core operation. We look to provide insight to help you chose the platform to use to raise enough capital to finance your business operations.

Changing regulation has allowed individuals to spread the word and market their investment offering, or provide general solicitation. Platforms like the above help you to raise more money. This has provided new and small businesses a greater reach to raise money. It has also improved the accessibility of investment opportunities for those looking for new innovative companies to be part of.

We list of the platforms and information about the cost and fees charged by them to investors and entrepreneurs for investing and raising funds respectively. We cover a wide range of equity crowdfunding platforms and aims to keep its clients well informed.

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More Resources

We have compiled resources to help firms, founders, leaders looking to grow their businesses and improve chances of raising capital to drive growth.

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