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Jason Calacanis - Angel Investor

A List of BlockChain Angel Investors and Venture Fund Managers

The below list of angels and fund managers are noted for their innovative approaches to the market. As you vote and provide feedback managers will be added to our database with further details.…

Gil Penchina

The Uber-Angle Investor Promoting Seeds of Prosperity

We chose to profile Gil Penchina, a serial entrepreneur and prolific angel investor, due to his success leveraging innovative technologies in the venture capital and angel investing industry. Gil is…

HBO Last Week Tonight - Crypto Investing Craefulgang

#Craefulgang Closes $4 Billion ICO

After less than a year has closed its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) EOS having raised a record, $4 Billion. Does this represent irrational exuberance in a company that is not able to deliver…

NameCoin Cryptocurrency Art Gallery

Top Funds in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain investing has emerged into the main stream making home run investment opportunities harder and harder to come by. We review some fund managers and founders that have begun to successfully…

ICO vs VC Blockchain investing

Investor Confidence in Blockchain Technology Companies: ICO’s Outpace Equity Investments

Blockchain technology has brought many investors incredible wealth and startups scale. There is so much more promise with breakthroughs in its application across industries. Investors are racing to…

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