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The Difference Between Debt and Equity Based Financing and Investment

When an entrepreneur comes up with an innovative idea that may require financial resources greater than what he or she possesses that team may need to raise capital for the business. Business…

Jobs Act Title 3 SEC

Non-Accredited Investors Capitalize on Access to Private Equity

At Fund Wisdom we believe innovative wealth building investments should be accessed by all, as we look to empower the democratization of private equity. Overarching returns for alternative-assets…

Real Estate funding future

Real Estate Investing Online and Crowdfunding

Real estate investing platforms have created increased access to real estate investment opportunities much the way business focused investing portals have done the same for access to high growth…

ICO vs VC Blockchain investing

Investor Confidence in Blockchain Technology Companies: ICO’s Outpace Equity Investments

Blockchain technology has brought many investors incredible wealth and startups scale. There is so much more promise with breakthroughs in its application across industries. Investors are racing to…

Add value to your startup

Adding Value to Your Startup with Convertible Debt

Photo Credited: Gray Knight How do you measure a startup's value? How do you know their idea or team has potential? It's hard for startups to answer questions like that without any form of…


Government Grants MassChallenge SBIR day

MassChallenge hosted an event to help startups find grants, entitled "Startups & the NSF SBIR program: Investments to fuel growth."    Government Grants Application pages National Science…

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