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08 May 2016Written by Brian ThopseyIn

Three Things That Matter Most To Angel Investors on Portals

"Angel investors are at the vanguard of funding true innovation" states Propel(x) an online investing platform. A survey the firm recently released provides a new approach to help cut through the noise to find out what causes investors to fund startup companies.

28 Apr 2015Written by JoyIn

Venture Capital Slow to Embrace Online Funding Portals

Angel Investors like Gil Penchina are achieving massive success utilizing funding portals like Angel List. Which Venture Capital firm will be the first to recieve this same sort of notoriety?

17 Apr 2015Written by JoyIn

Convertible Notes for Online Startup Investing

"Over the past two years, there has been an explosion of the use of convertible notes for seed rounds" states James Geshwiler of Common Angels a local firm in Boston.

20 Mar 2015Written by JingjingIn

Real Estate Investing Online and Crowdfunding

As capital continues to move to online platforms through rewards, donations, and equity, real estate has seen an increase of investment activity online. Many real estate focused platforms have been created

20 Feb 2015Written by JingjingIn

Cash Crowd Show

Cash Crowd was a flop. The show was to be a series on CNBC whose objective is to present live crowdfunding opportunities to accredited investors. There is only one episode since October 2014.

13 Feb 2015Written by JoyIn

Global Equity Crowdfunding--- UK & US

With the expansion of equity crowdfunding platforms across the globe, investors could have more international investment opportunities at home and abroad.

02 Feb 2015Written by JingjingIn

A simple, 3 minute process to identify Online Startup Investments by City and State

Investors and businesses looking to identify investment activity within their city or state can save time using the following strategy. It is possible to go through each individual platform to identify companies that have been succesful in raising money online within a certain geography, but at Fundwisdom we offer a process to save you time sear

30 Dec 2014Written by Brian ThopseyIn

Find Angel and Venture Investors to Raise Capital

After several conversations with startups beginning to plan an offering, or already listed on an equity crowdfunding platform, I decided to create this resource for finding investors for venture capital or angel funding. 

Private Equity Financial Technology

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