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22 Aug 2016Written by Brian ThopseyIn

Top 10 Venture Capitalists - Accredited Investor Markets

I recently had the luck to work with the following publications to release research on Top Venture Capital Fund Managers and what goes into their ranking models or algorithms. Below is just a summary of the results.

19 Jun 2016Written by Brian ThopseyIn

Angel Portfolio Management

Many early stage investors start tracking in spreadsheets or accounting systems, but these often fall short for providing real time actionable insight. Complexity has increased as asset structures have evolved making these systems anitquated.

22 May 2016Written by Brian ThopseyIn

Institutional Investor Involvement in Equity CrowdFunding Portals

London SkyscraperEquity funding portals in the United States have begun to attract the attention of institutional investors with their involveme

30 Dec 2014Written by Brian ThopseyIn

Find Angel and Venture Investors to Raise Capital

After several conversations with startups beginning to plan an offering, or already listed on an equity crowdfunding platform, I decided to create this resource for finding investors for venture capital or angel funding. 

29 Oct 2014Written by Marta GarciaIn
Naval Ravikant - AngelList - Disrupt

Top 10 Online Angel Investors

Update for 12/30/2015 - We have created a resource for real time analytics of AngelList Syndicates. Below is a snapshot from that section

Private Equity Financial Technology

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