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08 Apr 2015Written by JingjingIn

Crowdfunding Rules-Regulaiton A+

Regulation A+ will have little impact leaving most entrepreneurs waiting for additional laws to be passed.

30 Dec 2014Written by Brian ThopseyIn

2014 Year for Equity Crowdfunding, Not as Big as You Might Think

As we begin to prepare a 2014 year in review report we make the not so difficult observation that it will be the biggest year for Equity Crowdfunding in the United States.

08 Sep 2014Written by Naomi GarlickIn
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Equity Crowdfunding Risks and Rewards

Crowdfunding is an exciting, new trend that is gaining traction in the capital markets. It is a way for small business to source capital, generally online, from a group of investors. Since President Barack Obama signed the JOBS Act into law in April 2012, Crowdfunding has become a popular way of getting startup companies off the ground.

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